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The mission of us here at Drug Treatment Centers US. is to educate those people in need of recovery assistance, with the information necessary to help you or a loved one make smart decisions, thus, bringing forth a safe and effective lasting recovery.

We can assist in locating drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well as other addiction/mental health related resources for every state within the USA. We are also able to provide some drug rehab referrals in certain areas of Canada.

To contact one of our chemical dependency counselors call the help line phone number listed above or click on the get help tab and fill in the treatment submission form and an addictions counselor will attempt contact you generally before 24 hours.


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Sorting through the plethora of drug treatment centers can be a daunting task. Most rehab centers claim their program is the best type of treatment, which, is generally a good thing because at least you hope they believe in the rehab services they're offering. Nevertheless, there are many different types of rehabilitation programs being used today, thus, making it ultra confusing when faced with having to pick the right course of rehabilitation.
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This is where our services shine, we can help with knowledge of the various aspects of substance abuse and chemical dependency as well as different treatments that provide real solutions for achieving sobriety.

At Drug Treatment Centers US. our goal is to supply you with the tools needed to help you or a loved-one make competent choices to expedite a safe and effective road to flourishing recovery.

To reach one of our counselors you can simply pick up the phone and call our toll-free helpline or click on the get help button and fill out the substance abuse treatment form and an addictions counselor with contact you usually within 24 hours.
  For your convenience we've supplied information on many topics dealing with substance abuse, detoxification, drug addiction, rehabilitation and other aspects of chemical dependency intervention:

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